Carving in the Park

Carving in the Park 2017 is over. Information about Carving in the Park 2018 will be posted in this space in 2018.

 Images from carving in the Park 2017

Images from Carving in the Park 2016

Images from Carving in the Park 2015

Redhead Duck with Pat Godin

White-tailed Deer with Byron Crabb

Basket Weaving with Beth Crabb

Images From Carving in the Park 2014

Carving in the Park

AWCA’s Annual Summer Carving School


Welcome to the Alberta Wildlife Carving Association’s “Carving in the Park” Summer Carving School.  “Carving in the Park” began in 2010 with the mandate of creating a summer program featuring the highest quality of instructors available. The classes are designed to expand  the instructors and carvers’ skills, abilities and understanding of three-dimensional wildlife art.

            AWCA is of the belief that it is far more cost effective for its membership to bring instructors to Western Canada than for individual carvers to travel to carving schools in Canada and the United States given the cost of travel, food, accommodations and registration fees.  In addition, AWCA tries to keep costs, especially to members, reasonable and has opted for 6 day courses rather than the usual 5 day format.

            Classes are conducted in the Strathcona Arts Barn in Sherwood Park, Alberta with the number of classes limited to two or three.  This results in a very casual cozy atmosphere with an emphasis on making the experience as pleasant as possible for participants.  The coffee is always on with home-baked treats as well as wonderful home-made lunches prepared by our members and wives.  “Carving in the Park” also hosts an evening BBQ to allow participants and their families to get to know each other a little better. 





Glenn Maber


Mail: #295 52467 RRD 225